BUG: some characters exported wrongly to DWG

rhino 7

try these characters in text and export to dwg. č ľ

Can you please create a sample 3dm file with just these text characters in it, that when exported to DWG will produce this problem in AutoCAD?
Please include the specific DWG export settings you are using.

If we can repeat the problem here with your example, we should be able to fix it.

testbug.ini (1008 Bytes)
BUG TEXT.3dm (37.3 KB)
BUG TEXT.dwg (20.2 KB)

seems like in regular text its ok in leader its wrong. other thing is that one text is arial other arial narrow but they look the same in autocad.

When I open this file, Rhino gripes that I do not have the Font you used and substitutes Arial.
Is this what the file looks like on your computer?

If not, please send a copy of the font you are using.

I save a DWG and opened it in AutoCAD 2018.
It looks like this:

It seems the same to me.


it is strange because it is standard arial and arial narrow

right now i am on pc without autocad i will add pictures from it later

I just went into the Fonts tool in Windows 10 and opened the Arial font family.
Here are those details.
Are yours different?

Arial Narrow was definitely part of Windows installation.


adding screen from autocad.