Trouble Exporting Text (The " symbol) from Rhino - Solved

Problem: When I export from Rhino, the characters I use to denote inches and feet (" and ') come out as symbols (usually Ó). For example, “Brick cladding with .5” mortar" becomes “Brick cladding with .5Ó mortar”.
The "s in dimension lines usually come out alright.

Details: I’ve had the same problem exporting both .ai and .dwg
And with various fonts.

What’s wrong / What am I doing wrong?

I don’t think you personally are doing anything wrong, we have heard this often from Mac people. There is a global system setting on Mac that replaces “straight quotes” with “curly quotes” in all programs including Rhino. I think it’s in System Preferences>Keyboard>Text - uncheck “Use smart quotes and dashes”…


Ah, thank you! That solved it!