Issue: Edges of Decals are not antialiased

… anything looks good, but not the edges of decals.



In what display mode is that?

Rhino 6 - rendered display.

Can you maybe share a file with one of the decals in?

Attached an example.

Decal (309.9 KB)

I guess no decal texture with this (or any of the others).

Oh, I used “export selected” and enabled “save textures”. An other bug?

Can you relink to this textures for the decal?


Thanks, I should be able to use this :slight_smile:

The decal looks sharp to me


I am using default Rendered mode settings.

Hmm, I duplicate my render mode and reset to default now - same problem, no AA on the edges.

In most viewport orientations it looks good to me:


Only in some orientations I can see some jaggedness.


@DavidEranen, anything else you can think of?

Your edges looks softer and like AA is ok. Here they are sharp. (OK, the texture is low quality, don’t look on it.)

It’s a known problem which has to do with the way we render decals:

For final output quality I would use Raytraced for now.


OK, I understand. No problem, I need renderings per V-Ray only.

hi, i am using mac Rhino 7.1 still aliased, is there any update? i am using the render view to quickly communicate material, rendering it is not a good option. currently i have to use picture frames which i bothersomely have to offset from the walls not to have intersecting rendermeshes.