Isometry in Cycles (Cyclometry?)

Fun blend of simple geometry and projection versus an advanced render engine.


So this is done completely in Cycles? Not composed of a render and linework in illustrator/photoshop etc?
If so it’s nice for conceptual diagrams.

Cool! Could you elaborate a little bit more about the process?


Yup, pure Cycles ViewCaptureToClipboard result.

Groundplane is just diffuse with a single grid cell texture (bitmap, hand drawn in Paint.NET), single HDR environment, and a bunch of CurvePiping for the edges with a pure black material. Nothing fancy, though obviously I did have to figure out which edges should get which thickness manually.

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Oh, and the “ISOMETRY” is a decal.

When will it be available?

Cycles is available as a display mode in the RH6 WIP.

Ah, bummer, I thought the thicker “silhouette” edges were something that the display mode figured out… --Mitch


The display mode is called Raytraced.

Nope… good ol’ fashioned human labour.

Incidentally here’s a screen-cap of the viewport:

What kind of rendering device do you use?

CPU, I get corrupted display (and sometimes crashes) when I try my AMD.

Device 0: CPU > Intel Core i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00GHz > 0 | False | True | False | CPU
Device 1: OPENCL_AMD Accelerated Parallel Processing_Tonga_01:00.0 > Tonga > 0 | True | True | True | OpenCL

You could try setting environment variable, see

for info.

your rendered view looks nice - would you share the setting? maybe even add this as another option to rhino wip?

That seems to work, adding the environment variable adds a third ‘device’ to my list, which if I select it is a one-way ticket to hard-crash central, but selecting the ‘old’ AMD device now works. It’s a little bit faster than CPU, not hugely. Is that expected?

I have to say it’s rather nice not having the ventilator kick in right away while using the card.

It’s standard settings, using one of the standard HDR environment maps.

ok, sorry, don’t get it. do i have to add the HDR somewhere in settings -> view -> display modes -> rendered? or somewhere else?

That’s a labour of love. Looks amazing… I’d have that as a poster or a screen saver, but then I’m old(er) and it brings back memories :smiley:

Render settings panel (the tabs where one can have layer manager, material manager etc), enable Skylighting and either set a custom environment, or let it use the same environment as the background.