Cycles Render Engine released under Apache licence

This is amazing ! :slight_smile: keep going


Found this topic and thought it’d be fun to revive a bit with:

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The screenshot is of a proof of concept plugin I did. I’m now working on doing it The Right Way. Some test code for the C# wrapping of Cycles that I’m currently working on can be seen at .

Lots of work to be done here still, so don’t expect a usable plugin in the near future, but hopefully enough to get those salivary glands prickled! :slight_smile:

/Necromancer Nathan

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This is amazing! Keep going :slight_smile:

Yes, Yes!!! I have been waiting for this for a long time.

For other readers:
Cycles is the render engine from Blender 3D which uses the GPU to do real-time raytracing. It is stinking sweet!

It is simular to NEON, in that it is real-time raytracing, but you don’t need to go buy one of Caustic’s cards (Pardon me,’s cards).

Current v6 WIP options for realtime rendering:

  • Neon (Speed is great if you have a Caustic card, or a fast CPU)
  • Cycles (Speed is great if you have an NVida card, or a fast CPU). This is a WIP.

Nathan, any update on the status of the Cycles plugin? Is there a NG for it yet?

@nathanletwory mentioning you here to make sure you read nates post in this old topic.


Thanks for the heads-up :smile:

edit If I knew what NG stands for I’d answer that part as well…

You can follow my progress on the plugin on my YouTube channel, specifically the RhinoCycles list. One of the more recent updates is

To further excite you let me link you to some very exciting news for AMD card users: Cycles kernel split patch. Indeed, if you read it all you’ll see that having OpenCL properly supported on AMD cards for Cycles is clearly worked on, and is in fact now being conducted in a branch of Blender main repository… I’ll be so happy to merge this into the library I maintain to create RhinoCycles, since I have two AMD cards: R9 270x and AMD A10-6800K with integrated HD 8760 in one machine. I do hope this all gets finalised by the next Blender release (2.75, probably 3-5 months from now).

I hope this satisfies your curiosity for now :slight_smile:



Thanks @nathanletwory! I’d read the mailing list post from AMD about them starting work on a patch to do just that, but had not run across the actual work done yet. Exciting news indeed!

NG=NewsGroup, but I guess we’ve switched to this Discourse method. Your youtube channel works quite well on keeping us updated. :slight_smile: I look foward to updating Rhino WIP often to see your updates.

Thanks for all the hard work!

Dear Nathan,

i´ve seen you are aware of cycles_kernel_split. How are the chances that this goes for Rhino and you enable OpenCL ?

thanks for bringing cycles to Rhino ! (i´m going to miss nodes though)



Ah, newsgroup! Wasn’t aware here newsgroups were used before. I’m pretty new to Rhino ( actively since May 2014 ), and then at least Discourse was already in use :smile:

Current work I do in a separate branch, but we’re working hard with @andy to get it ready for merge back into WIP trunk, hopefully soon after Easter. But I’ll definitely will keep updates coming on my YouTube channel!


Good, I’ll just follow the progress in the branch upstream. Once this has been replicated into the Cycles git repository I can merge it into my ccsycles_master and ccsycles_rhino branches I have upstream. From there I’ll “just” have ensure I compile our Cycles library with OpenCL support enabled… But time will tell.

My pleasure to be working on it :slight_smile: Note that our current goal is simple interface and renders as close as possible to Rhino Render. But after that shader editing through nodes isn’t impossible…


Nathan, these are wonderful news :slight_smile: I´m not sure how a render or compositing node system could be implemented but it is quite powerful compared to opening and closing dialogs.I mean the realtime feedback and live rendering in blender just rocks. Below example was rendered using OpenCL on a Radeon HD7970.

happy blending, part of it soon inside and with rhino :wink:


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@clement, I’ve developed and used Blender since 2003, did a lot of work in the initial stages of what is now the current UI and its underlying code. I just love unobstructed workflow (no dialogs).

It remains to be seen how to do such advanced stuff in Rhino, but much of what I do has been influenced by my work in and with Blender.

One attempt of doing such a thing is my personal instance definition tool I show in videos of week 13 :smile:

Nice nature render, btw!

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@nathanletwory, thanks. It is great if rhino could get rid of many dialogs and you could add realtime feedback as much as possible during rendering :slight_smile: One first suggestion goes to the colorpicker while tweaking materials, it seems to be possible to update while the dialog remains open.

I´ve been following all your videos in the past with joy :wink:

happy coding,

Nathan, you made my day by showing there is some hope with Cycles shader nodes in Rhino. It would be so cool to work with nodes as I feel it’s an important feature to offer to Rhino users.


[quote=“glen57, post:13, topic:1867”]
It would be so cool to work with nodes as I feel it’s an important feature to offer to Rhino users.[/quote]

I think so too. I’ll keep saying though that first priority is feature equivalence with current Rhino Render engine (so basic materials) and good render results without much effort for everybody. Once that is done I’ll certainly be exploring this part :smile:



@nathanletwory, thanks so much for sharing! I’m excited to hear that McNeel hired somebody who worked on Blender!

After features are matched with what the vanilla Rhino renderer offers (and users are dancing with joy), perhaps you could sweet-talk the GRASSHOPPER folks into using their UI for node editing? That would be a sweet combination!

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You are absolutely right when it comes to getting Cycles working right first, looking forward to trying out the new builds.