Isolate (v6) needs improvement to get perfect

Hi all,
As far as I know the V6 “Isolate” command does not take in account locked objects, thus the object you may want to isolate can be surrounded by a bunch of locked other objects, when those objects are walls or floors: this is not especially handy
Isolate and/with “do not show locked objects” would be perfect. The selection would be truly isolated.


Hello - added to the pile, thanks.


Hi there…
A YEAR after, this wish is not yet raised up. :\

Hi everyone
I am not good at scripting but I can explain my (old) wish again:
Is it too difficult to script a thing like that to effectively ISOLATE a selection without showing locked objects?

A thing like that

User selects objects…
( Background process = no display = background process :slight_smile: )
Backgound process: this is Selection #1
User Runs “Isolate” cmd
Background process: continue: unlock object cmd
Background process: continue: prompt select object
Background process: continue: select all
Background process: continue: this is selection #2
Background process: continue: enter
Background process result: all objects unlocked
Background process: continue: Do the isolate script

–> User does his work (can takes some time)
User runs: “Unisolate” cmd

Background process: Call selection #2
Background process: continue: Lock objects (selection #2)
Background process: continue: Unisolate cmd

You also have to take locked layers into account. Just thinking out loud how this could scripted

  • make the selection you want to isolate
  • Record the current layer state
  • show one layer (of the selected object(s)) and hide the others
  • invert the selection, group it with a special name and hide if there are other not locked objects
  • lockswap in case there are locked objects, group save with special name and hide
  • lockswap again to edit your object(s)

Then after editing:
Reverse the above process.

I searched this forum for the setting on how to get true isolation, that doesn’t ignore locked layers, but so far I’ve only found this thread.

I hope that’s just poor search results, and @Pascal or someone can point out the proper checkbox for me to tick?

The search results were good. RH-45228 is still open.

Adding my voice to it. I think having mentioned earlier option in this command Hide Locked = Yes/No would be fantastic.

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