Isolate does not turn off locked objects

Isolate is supposed to turn off visibility of everything except the currently selected object.
This is exactly what I want.

But it appears that isolate turns off visibility only for unlocked objects. This defeats it’s usefulness for me as a real world model typically has a complicated and fluid set of layer adjustments for visibility and locked/unlocked status which changes continually as I work. So while locked parts are protected from inadvertent editing they still clutter the view around the part I want to isolate.

I don’t know if you classify this as a bug or not -but it doesn’t work as advertised or as would be useful to me.
isolate visibility.3dm (285.1 KB) isolate help

People have been asking for this for a few years now, but sadly it’s not supported. :frowning:

Thanks, Abraham.
As Robert mentioned, a request to change the behavior is on the list - ref. RH-45228.
Until that is implemented, it would be good that the help file reflects the current state of this command - the request to change the help file is now filed as RH-57455.

Thank you for your reply. I find myself straining to keep my comments within a certain standard as a reflection of the genuine appreciation I have for the developers. But honestly who could write this code and leave it as such a poorly implemented solution? Seriously did someone really think the job was well done? Ok end of rant. Hope someone is listening.