_isolate is an unknown command

Hi All,

I have done a clean installation of my Windows 10 and consequently Rhino 5 64bits and I have been since experiencing an issue with the _isolate command which is showing as “unknown command”.
I have just uninstalled and re-installed Rhino and still, the issue remains.

I would appreciate some help from the community.

Thank you in advance

Is this OTTB Rhino command or it is coming from a plugin?

Hi Ivelin, I am not familiar with the designation OTTB. But I can tell you that is a standard command on the visibility panel from Rhino.

Out of the box. i.e. clean Rhino without a 3rd party plugin.


It could be you had Pascals IsolateObjects script installed, it can be found here:

However @pascal the link for on this page is dead.


@Willem - the links work from here - the top one you posted and on that page the one for the Isolate script - do those appear dead at your end, or did I misunderstand?


Yes the bottom one is working again, when I posted it gave some sort of 404 message.
The top one was always ok.


Hm - OK, thanks for checking - I guess all is well for now.