Isolate gets me dollars

Hi Pascal,

sorry me again. The Isolate command is wired. First I isolate the object, if my eyes don’t see that something was changing, I press isolate a second time and get the error: unknown command $$Isolate$$:



Hi Michael - if you select objects & type

_Isolate +Enter

does it work?


Hi Pascal,

yes, _Isolate +Enter works fine.

Isolating an isolated object again gets me $$Isolate$$.



Oh, yes, I see - when it is the very last thing and you isolate again… hm. Thanks.

RH-43431 is fixed in the latest Rhino 6 Service Release Candidate

I just downloaded the latest Service Release and I have this issue that isolate hides the selected geometry.

Unisolate doesn’t work here either…

Command: _Unisolate
Unknown command: $$Isolate$$

From your post in another thread this seems to start after you have added geometry with Clayoo. Do you also have the issue when you start Rhino in safe mode?

In safe mode isolate / unisolate works as expected.

In normal Rhino 6 as well.

Once I create geometry with Clayoo, the isolate command hides selected geometry and unisolate gets me dollars :slightly_smiling_face:

After exiting the Clayoo Edition mode the commands are still not working.

I closed and opened the file and isolate / unisolate works as expected, also on a Clayoo mesh, but no Clayoo Edition mode active.

Who wants to buy my Clayoo license?

You’re not a good salesman! :smile:

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