Clayoo inverts "Isolate" command

Using Clayoo plugin,
working with rhino, “isolate” command works well,
Then after using Clayoo (only when enabling, it loads),trying to use “isolate” command, gets the opposite effect, it hides the requested object instead of isolating it.
I have been contacting RhinoGold team but as for now there is no fix for that (quit a while now…)
I was wondering is there any command that can reload the specifically “isolate” command or just reload all commands so that it will restore “Isolate” functionality ? (if i restart Rhino all commande work well)

Hi Gilad - I’m afraid that looks like something that will have to be fixed by Clayoo.

@wim FYI XNurbs has this problem too and they said it was caused by a Rhino bug. They wrote extra code to work around it.

Are you aware of this bug that XNurbs worked around that Gijs mentions?

@John_Brock - no I am not.

– Dale

Edit: and this:

@Gijs, there is no bug in this feature, which simply posts a custom Windows message. Since the developer in question didn’t provide enough details, we’ll (probably) never know what the issue was).

And, this certianly has nothing to do with the Isolate command…

– Dale

Ok, I can’t verify the info he posted, but this reminded me of it so thought it could be related. By that time @Pascal posted that he had a clue why it was happening.

Anyway maybe developer of Clayoo can contact XNurbs in case the issue is related.

the anvil and hammer approach would be to make an alias for invert and hide-

_invert _hide

But that’s not nice if you already have hidden geometry.
In that case it is better to group the inverted geometry first, give it a arbitrary name, before hiding. Then the reverse can be down with showselected, -selgroup etc.

it’s just a workaround to replace the isolate command-

Then still :slight_smile:
I meant my description as a sequence of commands as well to put under a button. It is in fact what I always used before there was the Isolate command

@wim as i wrote, i have opened a ticket with Clayoo support, they have not supplied a fix for a while now. So i thought of the Reload command as a workaround.
As a workaround i already have an _Invert _Hide alieas, but would like to use original Isolate command.
So, is there a way to reload all Rhino commands or just isolate command without reloading Rhino ?

Hi Gilad,

I’m afraid not, no.

Thank you.