Isocurves show up after saving

Whenever I save a file isocurves show up though they are disabled in display panel (for Shaded). I need to turn them on and then off again. This must be a bug.
Edit: Is happens not just after saving. It has just happened after drawing a polyline.

Hi Mikolaj - does this happen if you Restore all the defaults in the display mode settings (Options > View > Display modes > Shaded > Restore defaults button…)?



Hi Pascal,

Yes. I restored defaults for Shaded, unchecked Isocurves in Display panel and saved. Isocurves show up though still unchecked.

Strange thing is on my second computer it is not happening at all anymore, though I haven’t changed anything in Rhino options.

Hi Mikolaj- are you still seeing this?


I filed this one already…

You don’t see it Pascal?

I see the bug report… I do not see the bug at the moment here, though I have in the past.


Hi Pascal,
I’ve checked with another (3rd) computer and newest build from 2015-03-03 - and yes, I can still see this bug.
BTW the same thing is happening with background color changed in display panel.