Is this layer transparency bug?

When I slide layer transparency to any value greater than zero, all objects on the layer dissappear in all viewport display modes. They appear again when I slide the transparency back to zero (as shown below). I can select the invisible objects with window and crossing. This problem seems to effect all my files. Is this a bug?

I use Rhino 5.0 commercial version (2016-9-13, 64-bit) and Flamingo nXt 5 (2017-2-26).

When I go to Options, OpenGL, and turn off “Use accelerated hardware modes,” checkbox shown below, the transparency bug disappears.

Hi Andrew - can you repeat this in a clean new model - make a box, give its layer a material with transparency - what happens?


It makes no difference - the box disappears when its transparency is more than zero.

I tried to install the newest Nvidia driver - it failed as shown in the following screenshot.

Now Rhino Options displays different video driver: Intel rather than Nvidia - see the following screenshot.

There is small change in Rhino behavior - If the object has a material and I change transparency of its layer, the object is still 100% opaque.

Hi Andrew - I guess I’d get the driver update sorted first, and then try again and report back if you still see the problem.


I have updated the drivers, but the transparency bug was not eliminated. When I turn off OpenGL “Use accelerated hardware modes,” checkbox, transparent objects change colors but they remain 100% opaque.

As you can see in the following screenshot, Rhino says that total video memory is only 64 MB. In reality, I have about 2 GB of video memory.

Hi Andrew - hm - strange - are the display modes all at default settings? You can set this in the display mode settings in Options > View > Display modes.


No - all are customized. When I restored default to Rendered display mode, the bug disappeared. When I restored customized Rendered display mode, the bug did NOT return. What does that mean?

I tested the bug on Rhino 32 bit version (5.13.60523.20140, 2016-05-23), in default Rendered display mode. There was no bug, but, as you can see in the following screenshot, the window did not display transparency slider (below reflectivity slider, another bug).

How does all this behave on the RH6 WIP?
Trying to find bugs in RH5 is beating a dead horse - it’s not going to get you anywhere.

I know, I know…

I have real work to do and I do not have time to struggle with the buggy RH6.