Annotation scaling bugs

At the top of the Rhino Options dialog box there is annotation tab. The tab opens annotation scaling dialog box and dimensions dialog boxes. The annotation scaling dialog box changes model space text scale. The dimensions dialog boxes also change model space text scale. If the ‘Enable scaling of text, dimensions and leaders’ checkbox is checked, the text is big and there is no way to change its size. If the ‘Enable scaling of text, dimensions and leaders’ checkbox is not checked, the only way to change dimension text size in any detail is to zoom inside the detail. This is not practicable workaround because the zooming changes the scale of everything.

The Rhino help file mentions the annotation scaling dialog box. It says that “When disabled, text height is multiplied by the scale of the detail.” This claim is confusing. When I use Scale command or gumball to change the scale of the detail, the size of dimension text does not change, regardless of the setting of the ‘Enable scaling of text, dimensions and leaders’ variable.

Below the ‘Enable scaling of text, dimensions and leaders’ checkbox there is another checkbox named ‘Enable hatch scaling’. Rhino help file says that “When disabled, the pattern scale is multiplied by the scale of the detail.” This claim is also confusing. The only way to change the hatch scaling is to select the hatch in detail and to change its scale in Properties panel. The panel changes the scale of the hatch in all details, but the scale may be different in different details because it depends on the zooms in the details.

This has been completely revamped in RH6 - please try the functionality in the latest WIP and comment on issues in the Serengeti category.

This is a major bug and it is easy to fix. I have real work to do and I do not have time to struggle with the buggy RH6.

I have no problems agreeing that the help file on the topic is confusing.
That said, …

… this statement is not telling me much either. Where is it too big? There are ways to change the size - depending on where you are looking.

Could you post a file and explain in detail what you are struggling to achieve?

Sure. The file is posted below my answer. The scaling of text and hatch are disabled. I just realized that the first bug is more complex than my description of the bug. I am trying to make sure that dimension text (9.0) and spacing between the hatch lines are exactly the same in both details. It seems that the only way to make them roughly the same is the zoom command, but the zoom command is not precise.

If the scaling of text is enabled, there is absolutely no way to change dimension text size.

annotation scaling bugs.3dm (124.5 KB)

I think the simplest way to accomplish your goal is to dimension the objects in the layout instead of inside the details. It’s not an ideal solution but its worked for me in the past.