Is there step by step 'plug in' install manual ? Mac Weaverbird, Launchbox plugin

Hello hope you good. I’m using mac Rhino Ver 5.5.2
I can not installed weaverbird or other plugin .
Is there step by step manual for new student ? :slight_smile:

  1. I download
  2. Double click ‘Weaverbird.Gh.Registrator.exe’
  3. Copy and paste to
    Library-Application Support-McNeel-Rhinoceros-MacPlugins-libraries
    ( When I try to do this step, My mac Library folder was just License Manager folder so I make folders MacPlugIns,Grasshopper,Libraries then paste file.

Please understand thank you.


You need to grab the no-admin macOS version of weaverbird here.
After the download has finished, you need to extract the zip-file to a temporary location on your computer (i.e. Desktop). Open Rhino Mac and Grasshopper.
In Grasshopper, open the “Components Folder” under File > Special Folder > Components Folder and copy or drag-and-drop all the files from the zip-file, except “weaverbird.rhp” to that folder.
Restart Rhino and you’re done!

Generally speaking, exe-files are Windows executables and can’t be installed/run on macOS, at least not without virtualisation. WineBottler launches when you open the “Weaverbird.Gh.Registrator.exe”, since it’s meant to package small windows programms into mac app bundles that can then be run under macOS. This won’t help you here, since you need to install Weaverbird “natively”.

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Dear : P1r4t3b0y

Thank you for your kind guide !!!

So… next will be Lunchbox ,hope you have a great day !!! thanks again mr.P1r4t3b0y !!!

Good luck! I’m joking, LunchBox should be even easier, since you can drop the entire folder into your Components directory.
Nice woof you have there.

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