Can not installed Weaverbird plugin

I followed this way to install it, but did not work. I wonder if it is the wrong way or the plugin itself is not compatible with mac.

hi, the plugin itself which is also in the weaverbird folder does not install on mac. just take it out of the plugin folder and place only the grasshopper relevant plugin into the grasshopper component folder. probably you can just leave everything in there but the error occurs because you have it in the plugin folder. for the component folder you can use the command GrasshopperFolders then choose components, then throw all the weaverbird stuff into this and probably restart rhino. thats it.

Ok… you mean weaverbird is not component with rhino for mac? But weaverbird official website said it can be component with mac… I think may be i do not install it correctly?

hi wu,

there are 2 Weaverbird plugins. one is for grasshopper (this one works on mac), the other for rhino itself (this one does not work on mac) both are in the same folder.

to get the Weaverbird plugin for grasshopper installed on mac you have to use the component folder as described. as long as you have the plugin in the plugin folder as you do now you will get an error.

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Just to clarify, if you copy the files shown below to ~/Library/Application Support/McNeel/Rhinoceros/MacPlugIns/Grasshopper/Libraries/ then Weaverbird will work in Grasshopper for Mac.

Thx, it helps a lot!

Yes… and there is another web page here, very detailed.

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Which Weaverbird file works on the Mac? Much appreciated!

the Weaverbird.rhp is a plugin for Rhino, this one does not work on mac and will throw up an error if installed in the plugin folder, the rest just place in the components folder.

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Thanks, that eliminated the error message.

hello, I’ve tried doing that and it still did not work, could you help me out?

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show us the folder

Hi! I´m currently getting the same loading errors…
Does anybody know how to solve this ???
I leave a couple of screenshoots of the loading errors and my components folder