Is there any tool in Rhino 6 that can check edges for continuity types?

I want to check out continuity type between two surfaces (their edge). Is there any tool in Rhino 6?
Checking for G1 and G2 on the edges is very important for me.
How can I check it?

Hi Alex - Zebra is it - there is not a tool that will report a number. I am chipping away, as time allows, on an analaysis tool - it is currently pretty lame but it might help, so I’ll put a version of it here.

Selecttion is two edges - the report back & display is currently limited to tangency and distance. The main drawback at the moment is that it does not update with changes to the surfaces - that is in the works but ‘as time allows’ is not a lot right now. So you need to update it manually with this macro:

EdgeAngleDisplay Update Enter

The default scale for the display is probably too small - you’ll need to set that.

As always, work is guaranteed tested, a little - use at your own risk…

EdgeAngleDisplay.rhp (21.5 KB)

One thing is, currently you will want to run the command and hit Quit before closing the current model, the display cleanup is not working unless you Quit… As I say, this is my test thing, not really ready for prime time…




Hi Pascal! :smile:
Is the attached EdgeAngleDisplay.rhp not available in Rhinoceros 6 Evaluation? :scream:

Hi Knead - I have not tried it but I expect it should work… It may work in V5 , let me check. Yes, it seems to work in V5.