Edge continuity tool

I would like to suggest a subtle improvement for the Edge continuity tool that would make easier to refine the surfaces.
When you are modifying the control points of a surface with the Curvature graph activated, the curve hair changes in real time, which is very convenient .
In the other hand the Edge continuity analysis do not do that, and can be quite annoying to have to do several attempts and undo to find the right position of each control point to acheive whatever you need.

My question is if is possible to make Edge continuity tool (maybe in Rhino 8WIP) to be real-time analisis when you are moving the control points.That would make things easier and less time-consuming for me and I hope for many of other users.



Got that, thanks.
RH-70934 EdgeContinuity: update hairs in real time


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Thank you so much Pascal.

Hi Pascal,
There is the same issue, related to this thread, when Edge continuity tool is in use and Match surface is running. You can not see in real time if the desired result of the analysis is whether achieved or not until you close the Match surface tool.
It is very annoying because when is not achieved you have to undo and re-run the tool for every attempt.

Analysis result while in use:

Analysis result once is closed:

Thank you in advance.

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Hi Jordi - Yep, all of these ‘fweedback’ tools should be integrated better - I’ll add this to tjhe pile, I do not know what the perospects are for a fix.
RH-78282 EdgeContinuity: show MatchSrf results