Is there any time limit on upgrading my Rhino license from 7 to 8?

So I bought Rhino 7 about a month ago and it didn’t occur to me that I could actually just buy 8 instead, although the class I am taking for school currently uses 7. I see that (with a student discount) to upgrade from 7 to 8 it costs 95 dollars. Does that upgrade price ever expire with time? Or will I always have the option to upgrade to 8 for that amount as long as I own 7?

A month ago, V8 was not yet available.

The educational full license and upgrade prices remain the same over the lifetime of V8, there is no special promotional offer - 95 is the standard price for an upgrade - nor do the prices have a time limit.

So yes, you will always have the option to upgrade to V8 at that price… Until V9 comes out.


Thank you :slight_smile:

i think that McNeel should be so kind to exchange the licence under these circumstances even if its a student licence. students also have a reason for paying a lower price in the first place. one month is really nothing, if one buys it several month ahead that still might be a sad story but somewhere there is a line maybe, one month ahead of release, specifically when nobody knows when you actually release is pretty mean

also rhino 8 was released 2 weeks ago.


Hi Gabriel -

Everything Mitch wrote is technically correct, but do note that the price you will pay for an upgrade (to whatever future version) depends on your status at the point where you buy that upgrade. If you then aren’t a student anymore, you’ll be looking at the commercial price at that point.


Yes, thanks for the clarification Wim!