Do students wait to purchase Rhino?

With the deep discount offered to students to purchase Rhino, do students wait until their last year at uni to purchase Rhino at the discounted price so that they have the latest version?

If a student purchases v.7 now, how much will it cost the student to upgrade to v.8 when it come out?

How often do major revisions of Rhino occur?

Thank you all very much for your time.

It depends on whether you are still a student when v8 is released.

@gankeyu I assume I will still be a student when v.8 is released. I am in my first year of a three (3) year program.

Difficult to quote future pricing and version changes - what it has been up to now is:

Educational upgrades (assuming you are still a student) are about half the cost of the already discounted full versions - in the US/Europe that means 95 instead of 195.

Version change time varies - it has been longer in the past, but I think there is an effort to shorten the time somewhat - but it is not a new version every year. Figure between 2-3 years, tending towards 3.

Don’t forget that old versions do not expire, so upgrades are optional, and that older edu versions are still valid for a commercial upgrade once you are out of school at the next version change.

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@Helvetosaur Thank you!