Is there an easy way to insert and edit weld symbols?

I am currently changing the software we use to do shop drawings from AutoCAD to Rhino 7. In AutoCAD, we would insert the welding symbol as a block, and we used a plug-in that would make a window open that would allow me to edit it by changing the weld symbol, length, pitch, etc… I’ve messed around with a few methods to doing this in Rhino, but it usually involves too many layers and isn’t nearly as clean or customizable as the previous one. Any advise?

Thank you!

maybe a GH definition but I don’t know how to make it

Yeah I was thinking that too but I was hoping I wouldn’t have to do that haha. I’ll try messing around with it.

Can you post an image how you want the weld symbol?

Basically something like this where the text, flag, circle, and weld symbols are all able to be toggled on and off and changed

Ok, I see, a GH definition could be more dynamic but I think a script would be more productive.
A script could ask you to draw the central line and after that ask you to fill the texts in a listbox.
To edit the symbol I would operate manually (select the text and editing like a normal text, to modify the arrows I woul turn on cp and pull them).
Also, I would insert the symbol as a block so, if you need, you can edit all symbols at the same time.

I have a layout template with a bunch of commonly used items that I copy into the layout.
Each weld symbol is a group, so I just Ctrl-Shift select to delete or edit parts

I keep telling myself that I’ll write a script to generate them… :rofl:


Honestly this may be what I end up doing as I am an intern and I don’t have a ton of time to get this done :rofl: Do you think it could be easier to just make a template like that then create blocks for each weld symbol so you could insert them with the desired symbols?

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Ok, :sweat_smile:

I would suggest to save each symbol in a 3dm file into a folder and use Libraries panel to drag and drop into the viewport.

If you organize each type of symbol by folders you can manage them easily.

This is a great idea! Thank you!

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