Weld Curves?

Is there Weld Curves in Rhino ? Welding the Shapes

In Rhino, the term “Weld” is only used to fiddle with the display smoothing of meshes.

What problem are you trying to solve?
I suspect there is a command or commands that do what you want.
Is it removing the curve segments where the longer lines cross?
f so, the command would be Trim.
Please start the command and press F1 to see the help article for it.

Any luck?

I think you might want to look at CurveBoolean…

Actually it’s also hard to do with CB… What is possible is to make PlanarSrfs from the curves, then BooleanUnion them, (watch out for normal directions) and then MergeAllFaces.

@PowerShape Here is another quickie hackie script to do this automagically…

Here is a revised version that is a bit better. Output is joined and grouped.

UnionClosedCoPlanarCrvs.py (2.3 KB)

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