Join Mesh stripes > WeldVertices > unwelded after FBX Export


I have a problem with welded vertices in a mesh that become unwelded again after FBX export.

Maybe I have overseen something, so I would like to discribe my creation process.

  1. Plane > QuadRemesh > Triangulate (fix orientation of some edges with SwapMeshEdges), see 01.png
  2. Copy Mesh stripe, see 02.png
  3. Join stripes to one object, see 03.png
  4. Weld vertices at seam, see 04.png
  5. Welded seam vertices transform as intended, see 05.png
  6. After FBX export and import to different programms the vertices at the seam become unwelded again, see 06.png

Alternatively I import the 3DM file in PiXYZ and export it as FBX, but the result is the same.

Additional to the images I have attached the 3DM file.

Maybe you can give me a hint.

best wishes,

Rhino WeldVertices.3dm (139.7 KB)
Rhino WeldVertices.fbx (19.5 KB)

You didn’t weld it properly.
You can see it already from your screenshot alone, note the wire thickness:
2023-04-03 13_30_07-Join Mesh stripes _ WeldVertices _ unwelded after FBX Export - Rhino - McNeel Fo

Also, if you turn on control points and try to select one:
2023-04-03 13_26_56-Rhino WeldVertices.3dm (139 KB) - Rhino 7 Commerciale - Perspective
also this ^ tells you you didn’t weld properly.

Even if you expect to have manually aligned the mesh vertices correctly, you can never be too sure.
Join your meshes.
Then use AlignVertices
Then use Weld with 180

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Your advice solved my problem!
Thank you very much!