Copy and Paste lines from SW

Hi So I have a boat design made in Solidworks and want to copy and paste what I’ve already drawn into Rhino.

What would be the best approach to this? Can I create a seriees of planes and paste the 2d sketches onto each one, then join them as surfaces?

I’m new to Rhino but have experience with SW / Inventor and AutoCAD.

Hello - Rhino should be able to open your SolidWorks files - if the files are from a newer version of SW than Rhino knows about, save as STEP from SW and open that file in Rhino.
Any luck? Or is it only curves so far in SW? I think those will come with the STEP file…


I’ve tried to import the model into Rhino but the sketches don’t show up?

The model is a combination of 2D and 3D Sketches. I read that I can convert 2D sketches into dxf files and import them, could I paste them onto a plane?

What about the 3D sketches? Are they not able to be brought over? The reason I’m importing is because SW was struggling with the complex curves but the sketch geometry is still good.

Hello - I’ve been monkeying with this and it sure does seem hard at best, to get curves from SW into Rhino…