Is there a way to export text in Rhino as curves (for Adobe Illustrator)?

The reason behind my question is, whenever I bring text into Adobe Illustrator from Rhino OSX, it’s all over the place (most likely Illustrator’s fault, not Rhino’s). But if Rhino could just export the text as curves, I assume Illustrator wouldn’t have a problem as it never does with just curves.


Not directly. You would need to make the text using the TextObject command (as curves) instead of using the annotation command.

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Thanks John, that’s actually pretty useful – not the ideal solution but gets me there nonetheless.

In Windows Rhino, you can Explode annotation text to turn it into outline curves. Mac Rhino can’t explode text yet. I don’t know why.
I’ll get it on the list.

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what command of text to outline curves in window version?

Simply use the Explode command.

And I think that also works on Mac now as well…

When is used command “explode” sometimes shapes are not correct. Better is to use TextObject command.

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