Equivalent of TextObject in RhinoCommon

Is there an equivalent of Rhino’s TextObject command in RhinoCommon, which directly creates surfaces from text? I am using Rhino.Geometry.TextEntity.Explode so far to create curves from text, but for some fonts the results are unusable.

That’s the one. Are you trying this in Rhino 5 or Rhino WIP? If Rhino 5, you might be running into an issue that was fixed for Rhino WIP that deals with tolerance. What is the text entity height? Do the results change if the height is a larger number?

I’m trying this in Rhino 5. Attached a screenshot that explains the problem. It only happens for some fonts. Tolerance and size don’t change the behavior. I wonder what SDK functions are used by TextObject, because it works as expected.

Hi, any ideas on how TextObject gets the job done? I guess there must be an SDK function I am missing…

I do believe the TextObject does a bit of post processing that the Explode function does not.

Have you tried this in the WIP?

See this discussion for some more information on this:

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