Illustrator Export - Text to Curves

I’m having problems with text justification & alignment when exporting to Illustrator. It occurs to me that I could get around this by converting all text to curves before export, but I don’t want to do this ‘destructively’ - i.e. I don’t want to permanently change all text to curves in the Rhino file.

Is there anything that would stop me doing this via a script, and is there an alternative to exploding the text to create the curves? Reason being, I’ve found in quite a few cases that the output from exploded text doesn’t look much like the original text.

Hi Matt -

Copy Pause InPlace Explode

should help, if I understand what you’re doing. I do not think there is a better alternative to Explode - the displayed text is sometimes not the same as the curves - I know this has come up before and I don’t recall the reason, but I’ll ask. It might be worth a test in one if these cases to make the text as curves in TextObject and see if that is different from Explode of the same sized Text.


Hi Pascal

Yeah - that’s the kind of thing I had in mind, followed by a few Undo’s to get Rhino back to the pre-export state.

This is typical of what I see when exploding text to paths though. Original on the left, post-Explode on the right:

I can’t think of an easy way to replace Text with _TextObject generated text prior to export, so the whole thing may be a non-starter. Exploding hatches to surfaces isn’t what I’d want either.

Wow - that is pretty extreme - can you email me what you show in the image?



On its way. I see this all the time, no matter what the font, so I wouldn’t say it’s ‘extreme’. For one-offs, I replace Text with TextObject curves, but I’m exporting a lot of these things atm and that’s not really viable, especially as I often need to edit text in place several times.

Hi Matt - your example opened here as plain Arial, and explodes to clean curves… even way off in space as they are. Still poking…