Is there a way to detect bit-flips caused by Revit?r

Revit is the most picky software I have ever used. Even though, it doesn’t make Revit perfect as a BIM tool. Oppositely, it is as buggy as Cyberpunk 2077. I encountered with lots of werid things in Revit that can only be explained by “Quntam Physics”. With the understanding of one bit as the basic “quantum” for data, plus watching a youtube video about bit-flipping, I am wondering is there a way to detect how often bit-flipping happens while Revit is running camparing with other software (Rhino maybe)?

ECC Ram protects against cosmic rays randomly flipping bits, which might otherwise once or twice in your life cause a weird crash. This has nothing to do with buggy software, that’s many layers removed from the actual bits in memory.

So Revit crashes once or twice a day in my life is purely its own fault, or my own fault probably. I am not going to blame the cosmos.

The most common reason for Rhino to crash is the video drivers, don’t know about Revit, but it’s either drivers or Revit, it’s not random bit-flipping, no.

Yeah, I was just guessing. Cause Revit not only crashes, but also returns werid results when the project is at GBs level.

I am not sure how your are familiar with Revit. Few instances, 1. Isolation View crashes (shows no object) 2. Werid behavior of a family after adding a bool parameter 3. Doesn’t show the correct amount of elements in the selection filter 4. Has ghost family instances with no geometry inside 5. Group function chrashes the entire project, etc… Some of them are related to UI system, or wrong operation, but some are just data.

Lots of its weird symptoms seem all depend on users’ luck and show up randomly. I found grasshopper occationally had similar werid stuff, too, when treating big data (not the real BIG Data level), but not that often. It is why I start to doubt if it had anything to do with “Bit-Flips”.

The causes for “Bit-Flips” is not just comsmic ray. Fluctuations in power or temperature can also trigger a bit-flip. It may be much more often than we thought before.

Revit can start behaving odd if left open for too long, best to get a fresh start if you notice something atypical.

Yeah, I will cull out “Bit-Flips” from my list. Thank you both!

Not sure about you but my revit files take up to 30 mins to load and 15 to save. When you stack rhino and potential heavy grasshopper scripts on top of it, you have to plan your day with tasks you can do while it loads again… and again… and again :metal:

Big projects that you have little control over are the worst. The ultimate responsibility comes to people who bill the client for all that time, granted the ‘Bim Requirements’ imposed are partially to blame as well.

20 mins to be closed too.