Revit Randomly Crashes

Hi I wanted to let you know that this sometimes happens, and it happened twice today. I don’t understand yet what leads to this. It feels just randomly happens, but revit basically crashes and doesn’t give much info. But here are the three warning windows I get. They occur in this order.




My licenses for both softwares are legit and valid.

What’s your Rhino.Inside.Revit build?

Can you tell us more context on what you are doing at the time? Something to do with materials perhaps?

I think it’s RhinoInside.Revit_1.2.7955.32919 - I’m not sure if this is what you were asking.

I tried to pay attention to when it crashes but really nothing incredible. I never get to catch what I was doing because it happens when I’m not doing much at all.

The first one was I think actually just happened when I wasn’t even looking at my screen. That’s why I found it odd.

Second one, I also didn’t do anything particular. I was actually just done doing things and I was just looking around the model I think.

Thanks, very unusual. So no active grasshopper definition?

Lets update your Rhino.Inside.Revit and get you on 1.3 or even 1.4

I mean there was rhino and grasshopper open inside revit. But I wasn’t changing anything on them.