Rhino.Inside.Revit 0.3.7766.24894 Update issues

Just to report that the above update gave a few performance issues. Some issues were related to graphic representation of an IFC model. Could not manage to delete nodes in GrassHopper. Other minor problems.

I am very new to the RhinoInsideRevit, but have been working with previous version for a few weeks without issues, once updated several issues started to appear immediately and the software was unusable.

Please note that the Grasshopper file started to be created on previous RhinoInsideRevit build.

Working on Revit 2021.1.2

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You might want to post a specific example on the IFC issue. The lockup on Grasshopper/RiR happens a variety of ways, but typically due to losing context from the Rhino/gh to revit document, especially when multiple revit docs are open, sometimes when doing transactions from RiR to a single Revit document. I keep an extra copy of revit open to speed up the restart process. I figure by the time they get to the 1.0 release these will be all worked out (0.3 now)

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