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hi. I’m getting started on Rhino for Mac with a Magic Mouse and the zoom is uncomfortably fast and delicate. would a Windows type mouse with a scroll wheel react in a more predictable manner? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Magic Mouse meaning 3d Mouse (Connexion?).
There are several ways of controlling the speed, the easiest one is calling the menu with left mouse button (depending on model). I use only Rhino drivers.

Magic Mouse is supplied with iMac. no left button. no track speed function in mouse menu on Rhino.

My issue is, while in perspective view the display reacts far too fast and exaggerated as I zoom and gumball around that I get lost in space in a fraction of a second.

Is this a hardware (I e a plastic mouse that one can purchase) issue or can I deal with this in a preferences menu.

any suggestions

Oh I got it. Drop that s… asap and buy yourself decent one with 3 buttons.
There is no way to effectively work in Rhino using MM, it’s a gadget only.

OK will do.

Hold your horses!! I’ve been using Mac rhino for over a decade and always using a Magic Mouse. I have no problems at all.

In Rhino, go to preferences>view and adjust the zoom factor. Be careful because is very sensitive. Ive got mine at 1.009

Also, instead of using the scroll, I prefer to hold command and right mouse button and drag the mouse forward and backward. This will give you a smoother zooming experience, I use this method in windows too.

Do you mean right button? Do you know you can activate second click in macosx system preferences?

I also recommend selecting the object before zooming and run ZoomSelected. This will give you more control while orbiting and navigating around your object.

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thanks @jespizua

this feels normal.

One gets used to working on autodesk and CS that when things are not similar its like riding a unicycle downhill.

I’m not sure where the second click on the Mac preferences will lead me. I’ll get into that later.


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