Is there a reverse to contour

Hi all,

Is there a way to go from having contours which I have changed and edited to make them into a solid surface or mesh or something similar so I can extract sections out of it etc.

You could try Patch or MeshPatch. With Patch you may need to experiment with the number of spans.

Untitled.3dm (1.8 MB)

Ive uploaded the file, I tried the patch but it gives me a rectangular shape srf rather than something that is limited to the outer lines of the geometry

You can always do something along the lines of what is showed in this Guide:

Unless you must keep all contours and exactly the same, then you can always [at least] reverse your own ‘sections’ into surfaces ‘manually’ choosing your own resolution.

You could also try NetworkSrf - tricky at first then with proper work-flow you speed up:

make intersections:

generate interpolated curves (CurveThroughPt or InterpCrv) from multiple intersections, make sure you choose 'SqrtChord" for Knots on these curves):

test/choose/create your networks depending on how much resolution you wish to have:

make big networks and rebuild them:

try EdgeSrf also as long as you pick 4 touching sides:

I hope this is helpful!