Surface from network of curves not working

try rhino.3dm (400.3 KB)

i tried to do the surface from network but its saying ’

unable to sort curves

', i need to make these curves as a surface can anybody help on sorting this out? this were all open curve

Hi @micahrdinero,

Hope this helps.

try rhino_reLina.3dm (881.8 KB)

Hello Micahrinero
You need to split the two end curves by the long central one then join the outer curves (three segments each) into two curves. Select these two outer curves, the long central one, the short central one and the second short one in from the end at each end (6 curves in all). this will create the surface but it will be very dense due to all the nodes you have used. A better way may be to create a torus of the radii you are using, project the required shape onto it’s edge and trim.
Damn! Lina beat me to it.

thank you so much!

thank you so much for both of u, both works =)