Irregular shapes/surfaces creating from curves?

Hi, I have these curves bounding a shape I try to create (see first image). I have tried sweep2 with different selection of section curve and railings, but somehow the shape is just not showing correctly. Either it twists or it bumps up at some around the middle… is there any solution to this? I have also tried patch and loft, none worked…

Thanks a lot!


Can’t quite see what’s going on. Could you share you file?

Have you tried striking a few cross curves and running _NetworkSrf?

From what I can see (without a file that is) you need to clean up/rebuild your curves.


SRF TESTING.3dm (64.9 KB)

Hi! Thanks for the reply. Can you check on the file? I’ve actually divide down the whole shape into smaller pieces to get more cross curves (the whole shape would be much longer than in the file), but still not showing right.

SRF TESTING.3dm (64.9 KB)

Hi just attached the file here. Could you please go in details how I should clean up or rebuild the curves? Thanks a lot!

Sorry for the late reply.
You got kinks in the wavy, horizontal curves. These are only degree 2 curves, to have a minimum of smoothness they should be at least degree 3, better higher.
Look at the curvature grapgh:

I split the closed side profiles into 5 separate curves than rebuilt the horizontal curves as degree 5 and finally created 4-sided EdgeSurfaces with a matched surface edge between the two surfaces that meet at the inner radius.
Finally I buid planar surfaces at the sides and stiched it all together to a closed polysurface.
All this took only a couple of minutes.

SRF_fix.3dm (152.3 KB)

Cheers, Norbert

Hello - just as an alternative, I added a couple of reminder curves and built the inside as one NetworkSrf.

SRF TESTING_PG.3dm (129.0 KB)