Curve network "NetworkSrf" for irregular boundary curves - how is this possible?


I have spent 12+ hours now trying to figure out how to create a surface for the attached boundary curve.

My efforts are so far to no avail, although I have had varying degrees of success. The closest I have come to creating a complete surface for this curve was to make 3 surfaces, which I then intended on joining together at their edges. This didn’t work though because the “edges”, although contiguous, were according to Rhino too far apart. I think it was because the edge lines ran in different directions…not sure.

I’m looking some expert guidance from any surface modelers here. What would your workflow be in this scenario?

Thanks in advance!


closed_curve.3dm (59.4 KB)

Selecting the curve and running PlanarSrf will make a surface from that boundry.

Ah! Perfect.

Rebuilt with 50 U 50 V pins, control points on, and now I’m ready to give it some topography.

Much appreciated Jim

Hi Matthew,

Since you mentioned topography… you might also find Patch useful here. You can select open or closed curves (have a closed one at the outer rim like this for a trimmed srf) and points. You can also record history and update the input geometry after the fact.

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Thanks Brian!

I’m fairly new to surface modeling, so I wasn’t previously aware of patch. I can’t believe how easy Rhino makes it, once you specify a few input curves. The options for fit stiffness are incredibly useful too. Patch will save me a lot of time. Much appreciated :slight_smile: