Is there a quick way to suddenly be at a much higher magnification?

As an alternative to scroll wheeling in and out to see at high magnification items that require such detailed view, I wish there was a keyboard shortcut to zoom to a predetermined amount in on the area my mouse cursor is at.

I am having to do a lot of scrolling in and out where I have a busy area so as to be sure I have clicked on the right part, end etc etc.

googling this the video only shows scroll wheel in use and lesser methods of use, marquee maybe but if one already has a command in progress a click may lose it, scrolling gets to be like a fairground ride !


No way to get at the mouse cursor location without a script.

Closest would be to assign ZoomWindow to a function key…


_Zoom _Factor N

where N is the zoom multiplier, but this will zoom along the current camera-target axis as far as I know.


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Search the forum for David’s ToggleZoom script.

try _Zoom Target

i have it on a thumb button and use it often… you can zoom in real far/quick/precise plus the camera will orbit around the point you click.

Here’s a thing that might help - it has a number of tools,


My guess is that LoupePt is the most likely to be useful, or loupeBrowse. Run Loupe anytime you want to set the zoom level. (1.6 KB)

Unzip, then drag and drop to add the above aliases.


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Excellent :smile:
all sound very useful, especially _ZoomTarget

what is a thumb button, something on the mouse ? if so, how did you do that.

I will try all and establish what is best.

I googled this and found only mention of scroll wheel so maybe a video out there for users on such further options, as we all must spend a lot of time zooming in and out.


Mice can have more than two buttons these days (some have dozens). The “thumb button”, as then name implies, is a button under your thumb (or to be operated by your thumb). Some mice also have several thumb-operated buttons.

Is that a serious mouse ?

no way can ones thumb make use of that set,

I prefer smooth thumb rest, far more comfortable. and buttons where I can get to them with a slight difference of postion, not under a human digit waiting to be accidentally triggered.


i’m on mac so the how part probably won’t translate well… i assume you can assign commands/macros to mice buttons in windows rhino though.

fwiw, i use a logitech mx performance mouse:

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Does MMB work well on that mouse? I switched and returned 5 times in a week. And I gave up in the end… Note that I use MMB once in 5 sec… Good quality mouse tho… @jeff_hammond

thats one cool looking mouse @jeff_hammond
unfortunately not many bad-ass mouse are made for leftie :disappointed_relieved:

Hi Steve,

Not sure if you searched for the ToggleZoom script or not, but it does exactly what you asked for in your original post.

I found it advantageous to tie it to a keyboard combination (Ctrl + 1 works well for me).


yeah @KevJin… mmb works fine/reliably…

I dont install logitech software and just drive it via OSX and do the customizing through rhino.

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I haven’t found a way to get the MMB to work via (only) OS X. Scrolling works, but not using it as a (push)button. How do you do that?


hmm… i don’t do anything. it just works for me.
i’ll try a couple of other non-MX logitech mice later today to see if their middle buttons work for me.
what mouse are you using?

Hi Jeff,
What is the overall length of that mouse in mm ?

I ask as lot of mice are too long and their rear end is up against my gel wrist rest before I even attempt to move it backwards to bring cursor down screen. 115mm is the length limit for me. The bigger mice are not of use, if wrist rests on gel pad.
I dont want buttons directly under thumb that I am frightened of activation, grip is light on mouse but button click needs to be not easily triggered and also not an effort, else precise control gets lost upon click.
Is that shelf like rubber pad a button or just the tip active where the screen-printed white emblem is ?


I wonder if it has something to do with my Rhino settings - have to check.

Thanks :smiley:

It’s a “Logitech Anywhere MX.” A quite small one with few buttons, but I like it.


i use that mouse with my laptop… the middle mouse button is actually the little button behind the scroll wheel instead of the scroll wheel click (pushing the scroll wheel toggles between click-scrolling and smooth-scrolling)

to configure it:
Rhinoceros-> Preferences-> Mouse-> Mouse
• Middle Mouse Button

(i have that set to ‘popup menu’)

about 5 1/8" …~130mm

the whole thing is a button but you have to explicitly press downward (or roll your thumb down) to trigger it… you can squeeze inward as hard as you like without triggering… whoever designed the thing thought it through pretty good.