Is there a quick way to suddenly be at a much higher magnification?

Oh man, now I feel really stupid… I didn’t test this enough before asking. As I just recently began using MacRhino daily, I have tried to use the Magic Mouse with Rhino (works almost ok, actually) and use the Logitech mouse only with WinRhino - where that button switches between applications (probably because I configured it that way a long time ago)…
Thank you Jeff :smile:


Edit 1:
I guess it isn’t possible to get the thumb buttons to work via OS X? Wait… Perhaps I should test this a bit more before asking :smiley:

Edit 2:
I forgot to mention that I use the scroll wheel tilt function to trigger the pop-up in WinRhino…

From the OS point of view you should be able to configure your logitech mouse in exactly the same way in OSX as in Windows.
I do remember using a logitech mouse on OSX a couple of years ago and the logitech Mac driver was terribly unstable though. Don’t know if that is still the case.
There are some handy third party shareware applications to configure usb input devices that often work much better than original mice drivers (IIRC one was called “USB overdrive”)


Yes, it’s certainly possible with Logitech’s own - or some third party - drivers, but I think I prefer to not having to install anything extra now that I got the MMB pop-up working with Jeff’s advice. Thanks anyway :smiley:


… and of course it is! I guess I had to much champagne yesterday (midsummer here in Finland :wink: ) in addition to being lazy… In Rhino: Rhino Preferences -> Mouse -> Buttons…


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I still need to be able to zoom to where cursor is without any clicking, the plugin requires clicking.

Whats the best way for this at the moment ?

Keep scrollwheel zooming in and out to get accurate view on things.


@Steve1 I have a weird setup running Rhino in Parallels on the Mac so I have no idea if this will work for you.

I work mainly in the command line so if I want to zoom into an area in perspective view without going to my Marble Mouse or Wacom I centre the area on my screen using the Shift plus left and right arrow keys. To zoom in/out to the centre of the screen I then use the fn plus up and down arrow keys.

I tap the keys for precise movement and just hold them down for rapid movement.


Hi Steve - see if any of this helps - Unzip, save and drag and drop onto Rhino to add these aliases:


Run ZoomCalibrate, then probably the tool that will be most useful is LoupePt and maybe LoupeBrowse. The commands will set up a floating viewport to show you what you are zoomed to at the requested zoom amount - you can pick the zoom point in any viewport. (1.6 KB)

Oh, I see… long thread, and ancient - I added this thing way up there earlier in the thread. It still should help though.