Is there a free or affordable IFC importer for Rhino?

I know that VisualARQ can read and write IFC files but it is a bit pricey when the import/export is all that is needed, so are there any alternatives? Preferably as a plugin, but a standalone or web based alternative is also ok.

Geometry Gym?

You know what the price is? Can’t seem to find it on their website, which I also find a bit dodgy tbh.

Looks like you have to go through an authorized reseller, so I guess it will depend on where you are in the world… I see a price of 900€ in Germany for example…

Thanks, but I thought that was for Grasshopper stuff.
And at that price VisualARQ is just as good.

No, it also runs as stand-alone in Rhino.

OK, thanks! I’ll look into it!