Compare IFC Models and update changes with VisualARQ?

Hello world,

currently im working with Archicad and rendering in Vray. The workflow is very deconstructive, all changes in Rhino won’t be able to recover after having changes in the design in Archicad. Since there is .ifc i was thinking there might be a possibility to compare the two models and only change the new objects in the rhino file.
Is this possible with VisualARQ? Does anyone know another workflow to keep materials etc in Rhino?
Best bs

Hi @bs1,

I’m afraid that’s not possible. You might compare these two models with a Grasshopper definition depending on which changes you make.

Hey Alfonso,
thanks for the reply! I will look deeper into grashopper for this,
best bs

If you can capture the logic in a grasshopper script of applying rendering materials to the provided ifc objects. This would be a more practical way of managing revisions running import anew rather than trying to detect and manually apply changes.

Visual arq might be able to facilitate this, if not, geometry gym plugin certainly can.