Is the Layer Settings Manager working?

Dear @Mary and @Pascal,

Wondering if anyone else is having trouble with the layer settings manager? I use it a lot, and am having trouble with it lately. It seems to lose the settings. Wondering if I’m using it wrong. Help notes are not super clear. For example, it isn’t clear whether the “Layer setttings to restore” options only applies to modelspace or if it is to be used in paper space as well, and if that is so, then what is “Layout or Detail setting to restore” for? Is it just for the layer settings inside a specific detail rather than for a layout page in general?

Trying to identify the pattern, but one thing for sure is that if you leave some options under “Layer settings to restore” (at the bottom of the tab) unchecked when you close a file, they will all be checked when you reopen the file.

I can’t imagine that this is intentional.

Any thoughts?

Thank you.


Hi Cosmas- this is the ‘Layer States’ panel you are asking about, right? I’ll have to fool around with it to see exactly, but I expect the lower settings to be applied to layouts and the upper to be the global or model space settings. Global in a sense because a layer cannot be Off in model space and On in a layout, so Model space always wins to a degree.

The checked status at the bottom of the panel appears to be independent of the file opened or any particular layer state.


Thank you @Pascal,

There’s definitely something squirly up with it. I save settings and when I got to recall them, they’re definitely not coming back the way I saved them. Layers that were on, are off, and vice-versa.

Thank you, again.

Hey @Pascal,

Good morning. More Layer Settings fun:

First thing this morning, when I opened the file that I was working on yesterday, all the options at the bottom of the Layer Settings Manger were checked. That’s not how I had left them yesterday.

Also, when you’re in modelspace, the Layer or Detail Layer settings to restore options are dimmed. When you’re in paperspace, however, both sets of options are available. Why would that be? Is that what’s throwing my settings off?

Thank you.


Hi Cosmas -

Yeah, this is currently not saved between sessions. That is not broken, as far as I can see, it just does not behave the way you expect. (not saying that is right or wrong)

This is because the layer state would be restored for a particular layout or detail, - that is, one needs to be active for this to make any sense… if you see what I mean.