Rhino 6 Layer State Manager - Default Settings to Restore?

(Jack Gaumer) #1

Layer State Manager “settings to restore” check boxes are all reset when Rhino is closed and re-opened. A common occurrence is making the mistake of using a layer state before checking one of those check boxes after opening a file, and changing the color or material of thousands of layers. It’s set me back hours of work time.

Does anyone know of a way, to set what these check boxes are by default? I would greatly appreciate any knowledge people have to control this. It’s been driving me and other colleagues absolutely nuts.

Much appreciated

(Pascal Golay) #3

Hello - so far I do not see a way to do this - I’ll add it to the pile of things to tune up, my guess is that it is not hard to store those settings.




(Jack Gaumer) #5

Awesome, thanks Pascal. Much appreciated, and thanks for the response!