Is Rhino 7 compatible with Mac OS Monterey?

Can anyone confirm compatibility with the new Monterey OS?


We have only done very “shallow” testing on macOS Monterey.
We’re not aware of any problems currently.

Please let us know if you find anything.
I’d strongly recommend doing the update in a way that is easy to roll back if you run into problems, like a Time Machine backup.

Thank you John. Most likely going to wait until there’s feedback on usability and bugs. In the meantime, I’ll keep an eye on the forum or this thread on user feedback. Cheers

I have a relatively new iMac I do not use for Rhino.
Yesterday evening it asked me about updating to macOS Monterey.
I declined for now…

Opening and twirling around a SubD-heavy file, no issues so far. Don’t have time yet to start a heavy modeling session in Monterey, but OS upgrades on this and the previous 2012 rMBP has been issue-free when it comes to getting back into Rhino & resuming my usability.


Do you any unpdate on this? All workign as well as on older Catalina type system?
I have a mac book pro i7 an rhino 7. want to know if monterrey is ok to upgrade to? I dont want to get into WIP V8 Rhino etc as version 7 is working nicely at the moment. just getting annoyed with dimissing upgrade requests from a lot of other apps that need New OS…
ideally wont take a performance hit either as this laptop is already slightly slower than my 12 year old mac pro so already feels like a compromise when I have to use it.

Hi Dan -

I would hope that everyone that has a machine that can be updated to macOS Monterey is currently running 12.5.1. Rhino 7 runs fine on that.