Rhino 6 OK on MacOS Monterrey?

I was just wondering if anyone has run Rhino 6 on the latest version of MacOS? I have put off upgrading my mac and waiting for Rhino 8 to be released before I upgrade Rhino.

Hi Filip -

I just tried now to check and that appears to be working fine. We don’t maintain lists of OS compatibility issues and I haven’t searched this forum for problems.

Officially, the list of supported operating systems for Rhino 6 does not include macOS Monterey and there won’t be any fixes if issues are discovered.

Perhaps an alternative would be to make sure that you have a backup of your current system in the Time Machine, update to Monterey, and see if that works for you?

Thank you for getting back to me Wim. I think I’ll give that a go as soon as I’ve sorted out my backup.