Monterey + Macbook Pro M1 Max Rhino 7 Issues

Last year I got a new Macbook Pro maxed out (64GB Ram, M1 Max Monterey OS). They make it virtually impossible to downgrade the OS, even inside an apple store they were unable to get me to Catalina (doesnt work on M1) and they were unable to get me BigSur, so I’m stuck with Monterey and having some major issues.

Using the latest Rhino 7, simple projects work well. But once I get into something with lots of curves (this example has 7,000+) or blocks with things (and I don’t think these are super complicated projects) I have problems. Exploring the model is glitchy and jumpy, and then I get these wild abstract shapes and colors. I’ve been sending my coworker these beautiful abstract art pieces, but unfortunatley its slowing me to a crawl on production design. I know M1 Monterey is not supported but thought I’d at least share my results. Heres a video of Rhino 7.

I have an intel i9 iMac at home and when I open this model there it works super smooth so its definitley a computer issue not a model issue. I’ve even downloaded the WIP

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version and I get similar results


Have you tried activating TestMetal in Rhino 8 WIP?

… “virtually impossible”…sorta not really, depends… Definitely not a one-step process, but totally doable as long as the desired downgrade OS is compatible with your Mac.

Perhaps you already know how, but here are the basic steps in case someone is motivated, and feels such is worth the effort:

  1. Create an external boot disk and copy the desired Mac OS Installer to the disk

  2. Backup your data

  3. Boot from the external

  4. Erase the internal drive with Disk Utility

  5. Install the desired supported OS onto the internal drive, then boot it, etc.

  6. Restore your data and reinstall your apps.

Monterrey is the earliest you can go with the new M1 Pro and Max computers, as OP stated. There’s no point in reinstalling the entire OS or downgrading it.

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I have the same issue. TestMetal fixes it for wireframe but the render preview is trash.

What is the render preview?