Macbook pro and Rhino7 upgrade strategy

Hi folks, I’m planning on upgrading to Rhino7 from 6 and my early 2015 macbook pro to a new mbp. But, it seems that 7 has some issues with the new mbps? Neither upgrade needs to be done in the next 6 months or so, but I’m wondering about upgrading one or the other first (ie, new mbp, stay with R6, or upgrade to R7, stay with '15 mbp). I’d like to take advantage of the discount on the R7 upgrade, but not sure if it’ll work well with my older machine. Thoughts? Thanks!

Hello - if you have not, please see this topic -


Thanks for the link, I read through that and not being a computer guy the terminology got confusing. Maybe the better question is: what is the projected date that I can run the lastest version of Rhino on a new Macbook? Are we thinking months or years? Rhino 8 on a 2022 Macbook in Feb 2022? I know there are a lot of moving parts, but it’s a big investment.

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As long as you are getting a new Macbook with an Intel processor (i.e. not an M1 processor), the current latest version of Rhino will run on it.

At what point do you expect Rhino to be compatible with the M1 processors?

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Today, at least running in Rosetta2…

If you have an Apple Silicon Mac, please update to macOS Big Sur 11.3 and give Rhino 7 a try.