Is mesh thicken to this complex form impossible?


I made this single mesh geometry using kangaroo.
I succeeded in making a nice mesh, but i am having trouble in making the same version with some thickness. I’m planning to 3d-print it with some thickness, preferrably the thinnest possible…

Using weaverbird Thicken would make it go wrong.
I suppose it’s because of the sharp thorn-like edges, but I really need them to remain sharp…
Is there any way to maintain the structure intact and thicken the whole thing smoothly?

Thanks for any help.

mesh_kangaroo.3dm (5.2 MB) (53.0 KB)

Hi @jmc.060691

It looks like your mesh has lots of problematic non-manifold and self-intersecting parts.
The grasshopper file you uploaded does not include the starting input mesh, but I believe the problem is starting there before the relaxation.

You can check a mesh using MeshRepair then clicking CheckMesh.
You want this report to say “this is a good mesh”

Alternatively, you can use the ShrinkWrap command in Rhino8 to thicken it into a solid, even if the starting mesh is bad.

oh. I started with 1000x1000x1000x mesh boxes, printed points to choose anchor points manually, then pressed start.
Maybe I have to deal with the naked vertices?
I tried repairing it, but it stops at some point without solving the whole thing… must be just as you’ve mentioned. Something wrong with the starting mesh…

mesh_add_original.3dm (7.3 MB)

I attached the file with the starting mesh I used, along with the anchor points I picked.

and since I haven’t upgraded to rhino8 yet, will the shrinkwrap command make the result porous (inside fully empty)? Maybe I’ll need to buy rhino 8 myself… because I’m using my school version.

You surely can use Dendro to thicken this look at tje various discussions

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I solved it!
Was definitely the issue of the non-manifold edges.
Weaverbird thicken was enough to bake a closed mesh.
Thanks for your kind help :slight_smile:

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