Thickening issue

hi there people, i was able to create the sole for 3d printing, but i am facing an issue if i thicken the sole it kind of distorts i need it o be atleast 2mm but i am unable to do so kindly help me out.
complete.3dm (281.9 KB) (374.6 KB)
Final.3dm (452.9 KB)
i have uploaded the files as well

Do you have access to Rhino 8 WIP?

If so, it’s not very complicated. I posted a sample file and the required steps in the original thread:

hey Martin the thing is i want the insides of the meshes as well the triangular structures for research purpose

If you create an offset of the original shape, it intersects with it. You’ll need to adapt the shape or use one of the meshes in the Grasshopper definition in the linked original topic.

This is quite easy with Dendro
Make a closed volume of the geometry you get.
Offset 2 mm the “open” geometry of the sole.
Make the intersection of the 2 objects.

shoes (48.3 KB)

And a faster way than using offset is to populate the mesh with points, 1 million here. I use my fast populate tool from Nautilus plugin.

And instead of my little C# you can use Polyline To Mesh from Pufferfish plugin.

shoes offset (50.5 KB)