Is it possible to see the Vray HDR in the Rhino V5 viewport?

when working with HDR images in V5 and Vray 1.5 . I have a dome light with HDR attached. But this does not appear in the rendered viewport. Is this possible to make getting correct location easier?

Hi Richard,

I’m not sure if this is possible since the HDR is inside the dome light. I’d ask the Vray developers if this is something they could support. In the meantime, can you use their real time render option to get the view alignment? Another possible solution would be to set up a sphere with a diffuse texture map of the environment image. If they can display textures in the Rhino rendered mode this should give you the position info you need.

Thank you. Both good ideas. Have asked Vray guys but never that quick at getting back to the rhino users :smile:

An other way - switch to Rhino render engine and set the HDRI env. This should be visible at the viewport. Now switch back to Vray and set the HDRI at the env or the dome.

Ask the Vray team for an option that internal set the Rhino env to a texture from the Vray env or the dome light.

Thanks Micha

For what I know the dome has to show the mapping in the viewport.

If you switch the video in rendered view the dome light doesn’t show?

It’s the spherical option switched on or off ? Sometime it works.

And, of course, it’s the visible switch on?

hope to help you.

Tested here now - no visbile env. Maybe I have overseen something. Skysurfer, could you test it at your machine please again? If it works, what did you set at the rendered display options - background at render settings or application settings?

Micha: Your idea helps me but not ideal having to switch between Rhino & Vray render. Thank you
Skysurfer: This did not work for me. Does it work for you?

Gosh! you are right It’s not visible as a rendered preview.
I can see it by using the V-RayRT.

It’s something we have to discuss with chaosgroup on their forum.