V-Ray Dome Lights and HDR's and Rhino Environment Files

  1. Are V-Ray Dome Lights the only lights that require an HDR?
  2. How does a Rhino Environment File differ from an HDR file and why can’t I use a Rhino Environment file as the environment for my Dome Light (in V-Ray)?
  3. Other Render Engines (like Visualize old bunkspeed) use regular ol HDRs for their environments and these seem to work just fine when I use it for a V-Ray Dome Light,



  1. You can use a HDR as the environment and it will provide the lighting and the background
  2. They probably don’t differ, you should be able to use them
  3. Of course, an HDR is an HDR…

1- No … you can use the V-ray dome light without an HDR . and you can change the color of light.
2- if you are select the V-ray is current render Engine the rhino environment file not working in vray render, because the v-ray has an environment option BG ,GI,RF… etc it’s different settings of rhino environment .

For example Keyshot encrypts its own HDR so they can’t be used with other render engines. V-Ray uses generic HDR image formats.

When I browse the the folder with the Rhino Environments, there are no compatible files there even though there are about 30 Rhino Environment files in the folder.

If I were to browse to this folder from Rhino Environments, I have full access to the many Rhino Environment files that are there. Either V-Ray is prohibiting the use of these files, or Rhino is.

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Because the rhino environment file can’t use in Vray textmap , vray txtmap use all image format jpg,bmp,png … hdr .exr etc

So you need to download some hdri files to use in vray dome light or environment .

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The HDR files Rhino uses are in this folder:
USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\McNeel\Rhinoceros\6.0\Localization\en-US\Render Content\Textures