Is it possible to scale an object to a specific Cubic Inch Volume?

I am wondering if Rhino has the ability to scale an object to a specific cubic inch volume.

In this example I have an object that I have drawn in 3d that needs to be scaled to several specific cubic volumes ( both larger and smaller that the original object )

Currently I am just telling it to scale the object a certain number and then having Rhino tell me what the cubic volume is, and then I keep making small tweaks till I get to the exact cubic volume I need.

So I thought it would speed up the process if Rhino could scale it automatically based on a given cubic volume that I am targeting.



Hi Kent - see the SetObjectVolumes script on this page -

Instructions for using the scripts are at the top of the page.

Does that do what you need?


The scale factor to use is:

cube root of (desired volume / original volume)

You will need to calculate the cube root outside of Rhino or use the CalcRPN command if you know how to use an RPN calculator.