How to make a bottle 2 liters but as knowing the measures

I’m going to work but are doing a test and need, make a 2 liter bottle with actual sizes

I have my volume only 916.41846 (+ / - 0.00013) cubic centimeters

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Hi Saminsoo - You can try the script here:

for ‘SetObjectVolume’ It scales closed objects to meet the desired volume-- for a bottle, you’d want to do this for the inner volume only to the fill level , then scale other objects separately by the same factor if needed - there is provision for this in the script,


Thank you very much. But it could help with the calculation

Sorry, I don’t understand what you want to do, I guess- can you describe it in more detail?


sorry my English is not good. which is the mathematical formula to know these measures

Hi Saminsoo- for scaling in 3d, the scale factor

(desired volume/current volume) ^.333334 = scale factor


(2000/916.41846 ) ^ .333334 = 1.297

For scaling in 2d

(desired volume/current volume) ^.5 = scale factor

for scaling in 1D

(desired volume/current volume) = scale factor


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